Sunday, March 31, 2019

Perspective on Marriage

After 2 freaking years ! I am here again! Oh God! How are you guys doing? Hopefully all is good ne~ Actually I've been thinking to revive this blog since last year but apparently I was too lazy (hell yeah) so up until now, it remained hiatus~ LOL

So, today I  want to talk about my POV on marriage. I will be 23 years old this year and many of my friends are starting to settle down, one by one. It's not like I am not happy for them (I am super happy, really) but it also gives me a lot of things to think about.

I live in (let's say) a traditional environment. People go to school and college and after graduation will soon get married. Most of my family members are married when they were 23-25 years old. My mom was 23rd when she married to my father. Somehow it becomes a standard for our family to start looking for marriage partner on my age. Speaking of family queue, I have one more uncle before me who hasn't married yet and sometimes it makes me nervous and makes me uneasy when people start to talk about when will my turn, more often.

When I was very young, marriage is something I was looking forward. Like, I really want to graduate from school as soon as possible, so I can get married right away. Or whenever I have hard times in school I would like to say "AHH I WANT TO GET MARRIED!". But I don't exactly know since when it starts to change. I start to know that there are a lot of things that I want to achieve before I serve my own family.

I have to admit that ever since I know how western people think and live (probably during junior high school time), it gives some influence to the way I think. I don't see marriage as a final goal anymore. Don't get me wrong tho. It's not like I don't want to get married and don't want to preserve my DNA in this universe or even worse, some of my SNS friends think I don't like men (NO! I am pretty much weak for boys gdi). It's just.. I want to wait for a right time, for a right person. PLUS right now, I am not together with anyone~ So yeah~ (When you want to get married, it is a must for you to have partner!)

When I was in Thailand, I had a very deep talk about marriage and future with my friends (Indonesian and Filipinos). My Indonesian friends said they want to get married probably not so long after graduation from university. But it's so different with my Filipino friends. They said they want to get married when they're at least stable in economy, get decent job, and so on. 30 years old will be the earliest (at least on their common culture).

It opens my eyes. That marriage is not just about wedding party. There're so many aspects that I personally have to prepare in order to make my self ready. I also have a lot of things that I want to do first (go abroad, experience new things, and many more) that I believe it will be difficult to be done when I am a married girl.

About marriage itself, we are talking about living together for a long time. It's not 10 years or 20 years, it will be forever. FOREVER. Of course I want to spend my time FOREVER with a right person. I have seen many marriages failed with my own eyes. I also have seen so many happy marriages. I consider it as my guides. To create a better family of my own. But it takes time. I need to sort so many things for that. Which one I should take and follow, and which one I shouldn't.

I have to admit that, whenever my mom goes to her friends' children wedding party she receives at least one question of "When will your daughter get married?" If I am there together with her, I will answer directly to their faces! But when I am not around, I don't know how my mom handle it, then she will tell me and I really feel uneasy. It is something that I can't say directly to my parents. That I don't feel okay if we talk about it for so many times.

I know I can't control how society think about it. But I really hope that people will never ever force someone (directly or indirectly) to tie the knot. All of us have our own pace. Don't make what is common in society as a must and absolute rule. This is about other people's lives we are talking about. You may think that you know everything about a certain person, but in fact you don't. No one will ever know someone best than that someone itself. If you feel like it's the best for you to settle down at 20's then go ahead. Don't mock people who wants to wait a little longer. Don't mock their parents as well.

To end this long-ass bullshit, I will quote this one:
I believe God has a path for me. He's always had a path for me, and I've always been in the right place at the right time - not because of my efforts, but because of my preparation and because of the guides that I have, the mentors that I have, the spiritual walkers that I've had all my life. -- Judith Jamison

For everyone who is still waiting for the right time and the right person, God with us.
Until next time~
- Nida πŸ’•

Friday, September 8, 2017

Adventure in Thailand: Part 27

February 10th, 2017

Today was our last day in school. We said good bye to the teachers, staffs, and students. I hate farewell for sure, but it was a must for us. Before we went back to the mansion, my mentor Ajarn Dr. Salubsri invited us to had a final meeting with the director. It was a warm discussion and he even invite us again to visit SRP in the future (even offer us a job LOL, well I need to learn master and Thai language first sir hahaha). Overall, it was a day fill with mix emotions. But I will cherish it forever.

Left to Right: Ajarn. Dr. Salubsri - Ajarn Director of SRP - Nida - Alyssa - Kyla

PS: He gave us calendar as souvenir and I still use it until now hehe

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Adventure in Thailand: Part 26

February 9th, 2017

We slept at 3 am this morning. So late, right? And we had to wake up really early for the seminar. But, unfortunately, something bad happened. We thought Putri and Dian got food poisoned. I still remember perfectly what happened that day. I woke up at 6 am (it's very natural of me since I have to pray early morning). I saw Alyssa still sleeping and Kyla already went to her own room. I heard sound like someone is puking. At first, I thought that was only my imagination but time after time the sounds clearer and suddenly someone knocked our room door. It was Satya. She told me that Putri keep throwing up. I went to their room and Putri was so damn pale and lost all of her energy. I went to Muti's room and saw something also happened there. Dian was also look so terrible. She was also look as white as paper. Satya told me that she already call Mr. Potjanat and Ms. Thanya, but no one picked up the call. It was really early and it was Saturday, despite we will have the seminar at 8 am, it's very normal for them to still sleeping at that time. After a long discussion among us, we decided to take them to the hospital.

Another drama started right after that decision. I called a tuktuk and the driver didn't understand English at all. Fortunately, one SRP student was passing by and helped us to talk to the driver. We (me and Satya) went to Suratthani Hospital and after 15 minutes trip, we arrived there. At the ER, I felt so piss off 😑 Putri and Dian rushed to the ER and the nurses there just stare at us (maybe because we are foreigners and also wear jilbab). I talked to them (almost yelled to them because I was panic) that I need someone who speak English so I could tell them the whole story. And you know what? One of the nurses was laughing. After several minutes, one nurse came and helped us. The next minutes the doctor came and recorded all of their health history (what did they eat, drink, do, etc). The next hour since we left the mansion, Mr. Potjanat and Ms. Thanya came. While waiting, Putri and Dian kept told us that they felt hurt in the stomach. I thought, the doctor and the nurse were afraid to do something because we are foreigner. They even copied our passport and made me (since I am the older one than Satya) to signed a letter of statement that I allowed them to perform something to the patients. After spent almost 4 hours at the hospital, they released by the doctor. I didn't take any picture beside this one, because the nurse told me not to take any picture. So yea.

Suratthani Hospital

Because of this incident, Mr. Potjanat cancelled the seminar and assigned us to just send the powerpoint as our report. So me, Kyla, and Alyssa still have time to come to Suratpittaya School's Open House. When we came, around 4 pm, the OH already closed πŸ˜“πŸ˜’ So we didn't have any opportunity to visit the booth. But so nice of Ajarn Joyce gave us a lot of Philippines famous dessert. It's called Mahalangka. I thought it was made from flour, sugar, egg, and jackfruit (in Indonesia we call it Nangka, in the Philippines they call it Langka).

Mahalangka, eat with crackers πŸ˜‹

Since today will be our day in Suratpittaya School, so we decided to took a lot of pictures so we have proof that we were there.

Kyla Santos

Alyssa Espino

Nida Rahma

At the evening, my mentor, Ajarn Salubsri picked us up and treated us in a very beautiful riverside restaurant in Kho Lampu. The restaurant name is Pluppla Seafood. Since it was Thursday, there was not many people come and eat.


Ajarn Salubsri brought several teachers as well and ordered a lot of foods and dessert. We were so full and blessed! The restaurant has karaoke bar as well, so yes, we sang. A LOT. Thank you so much Ajarn!!

Famous singer from the Philippines πŸ’•

Before we go to mansion, we took a lot of pictures as mementos. It was a very strange and good day for all of us.

#biologyteam - w/out Alyssa 😰

Group photo #1

Group photo #2

Hi! I am back!

Hello guys. Welcome back to my blog. It's been a while. I am sorry I betrayed my own promise to update everyday (or at least with 1 day delay) 😒

A lot of things happened right after I came back from Thailand. I've finished my undergraduate thesis, prepared for my examination, and of course graduation. So it was a very hectic months. But now, while waiting for my graduation ceremony, I will have more free time and thanks to my bff Naimatul Aufa, I will try to finish my blog as soon as possible (give thanks to her! 😘)

So, I will finish Adventure in Thailand: Part 26-30 also the special edition "2 ΰΈ§ัΰΈ™ΰΈ—ี่กรุΰΈ‡ΰΉ€ΰΈ—ΰΈžΰΈ―" 2 Days in Bangkok stories. 

I hope you guys will always support me no matter what happen (I know it's kinda embarrassing, because not so many people read my blog tho, but whatever)

- Nida

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Adventure in Thailand: Part 25

February 8th, 2017

Today is a formal farewell day from Suratthani Rajabhat University. All head of departments and mentors are invited to the dinner tonight in Wang Sa Hotel. Unfortunately, the busy-man, Dr. Tim will not join us tonight. To pay his absence, he gave us free lunch. Hahaha, Alhamdulillah. Tbh, he also asked Kyla to go with us, but she couldn't go because Mr. Potjanat has just finished evaluate her and need to talk with her. So yeah. We went to the restaurant with his friend, Ajarn Wo (Honestly, until now, I don't know how to spell her name). He is an ajarn in Suratpittaya as well. Since tomorrow the school will have the open house, so she can't park the car inside the school. We walked maybe 400 meters to the parking area. I think she's older than Dr. Tim, so when she drove the car, I feel like a whole family (brother and sisters) haha. The restaurant we went quite far from the school. It's called "Green Health Restaurant". At the very first, I thought "OMG, that must be a vegetarian restaurant" and turned out I was wrong Hahaha.. Dr. Tim order a lot of foods. Shrimps, veggies, fish, soup, mixed vegetables (in Indonesia we call it Capcay, in Philippine they call that Capsuy). Overall the foods, so damn good! 

Take a look 😍

For the drink, Dr. Tim suggested one of his favorite drink. Mango juice. When he said that I immediately said OK (because I remember mango juice that they sell in the street and back in Indonesia, sweet and refreshing), but when the waitress came and brought the juice, 100% wrong. That was a raw mango juice. They even mixed everything from that mango (except the seed). It was kinda sour, but the taste for me still okay. Hehe. Of course, I eat and drink everything.

Raw mango juice :3

After back from the restaurant, we went to Alyssa's office. Kyla also went to the Alyssa's office. He just finished the talk session with Mr. Potjanat. I saw her properties and it's so cute na! Look what I've got. A mouse complete with the cheese. Funny right?

Careful, I will stole your cheese 555

Since I didn't know what to do, and I saw a lot of teacher went out so I collect all my braveness and ask one ajarn what she want to do. She said she want to prepare the booths for tomorrow Open House (OH) then I asked her can I join her, and of course she allowed me to do that. We went down stairs and went to SMTE group. They was preparing a solar system things. So cute. I was helping them with the balloons.

SMTE (Science, Maths, Technology, and Environment) Team

Since I wasn't look around yet, Ajarn Sum asked me to take a look to every booths they had. So yeah, let's go I say, and it's the wrap:

Mathematics Dept Booth

I took a longer time in General Science Program (GSP) since I know the teachers and we talked a lot (literally a lot). Several students that were preparing the booth also my students so they know me and we talk a lot too. They even gave me a glass of pepsi (I didn't even help them at that time. I felt guilty now).

Teacher in GSP

This is super creative for me. GSP's booth

Before we go back, I bumped with Kyla and we were strolling around. Alyssa joined us later. There are a lot of students were preparing the booths. I think they will have some prizes for the best booths (?). I attracted by this group of dancer. Traditional Thai dancer. Ahhh too bad we have to go home to prepare for dinner because Mr. Potjanat will pick us at 5 pm.

Love the headpieces πŸ’–

Mr. Potjanat allowed us to wear the traditional (or national costumes). We went there with several cars. I went to the hotel by Mr. Potjanat's car with Dian, Muti, Alyssa, and Kyla. We had so much fun tonight, and it's the wrap!

So crowded haha (much more crowded with our costumes)

Welcome board in front of the hotel

Goodbye sign 😒

The foods (fish, prawn, veggies)

Aaaa, on the previous blog, I owe you to explain my whole traditional costume, right? So here it is. This is the original traditional costume that we have. It must be a yellow or green color or both of them just like mine. The border is made from a hundreds or more beads. SO cute right?


And for this special occasion, I will introduce you guys with my fellow student teacher friends!

First, her name is Mutiara Syifa. She is from Indonesia University of Education, Bandung. She is majoring physics education and she is the 4th year student. She is my best-friend tho! You will read a lot of her story with me later in Bangkok edition.

Muti and Me

Next, she is Edmy Kyla Rien M. Santos. She is from Philippine Normal University, Manila. She is majoring speech and theater art education and she is the 4th year student.


Next, she is Zahra Mujahida. She is from Islamic University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta. She is majoring chemistry education and she is the 3rd year student.

Cheer up Zahra!

Next, she is Siti Hardian. She is from State University of Makassar, Makassar. She is majoring primary education and she is the 3rd year student. She is also the youngest among us. She's just 19 y.o. She's my little baby (for real, I used to call her little baby).

My little baby

Next, she is Satya Mardi Ayuningrum. She is from Sebelas Maret Univeristy, Surakarta. She is majoring mathematics education and she is the 3rd year student. She is the first person that found me to be the part of Surat's team. Thank you na Satya!


Next, she is Nuriska Makdiani. She is from UHAMKA, Jakarta. She is majoring mathematics education and she is the 3rd year student. She is also my roommate (for a while). She's also my "curhat" friend whenever she went back to the dorm. I love you na, N'Nuris.


Next, she is Putri Dewi Indah Wulan. She is from Islamic University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta. She is majoring islamic education and she is the 3rd year student. She's also my baby girl. I think she is the most fashionable chick (beside Phine) ahahaha...

Look how cute her smile, right?
Next, she is my beloved Alyssa Mae Segundo Espino. She is from Saint Louis University, Baguio City. She is majoring the same major as me, biology education and she is the 4th year student! She's my best roommate (for forever) I love her so bad~

Thanks Alyssa for the unforgettable memories ever

Last but not least, she is Josephine Arquero. She is from Philippine Normal University, Manila. She is majoring speech and theater art education and she is the 4th year student. She's the wisest girl among us and fashionable chick just like Putri. I adore her and her kindness.


And they are all the SRU team that help us a lot during our stay in Surat Thani. Love ya!

Formal Pic

With daddy~

We went  back to the dorm at 09.30 pm I guess and after that we have to prepare our presentation for tomorrow seminar. I think we will stay awake until dawn, pray for us hahaha....

After all, we just 10 little kids (even several of us already the 4th year students). We love to tease each other because we care for each other. I thank to the God for choosing me to have this opportunity to met them and be family with them. Thank you SEA-teacher, thank you all. God bless.. Have a nice night! Bye~

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Adventure in Thailand: Part 24

February 7th, 2017

Finally the day has come! FINAL EVALUATION DAY!

We went to the office really early today because we don't want to be late at this very important day in our life !! (over-drama detected πŸ˜‚). Based on the schedule, Alyssa will be evaluated first. At 10.30 am (or so) Dr. Tim asked me to go to the academic affair building with Alyssa. After we arrived there, he introduce us to Dr. Bannarak Khumraksa. He is our university supervisor from SRU. Before meet him, I thought he is an old man. Haha, turned out, he's quite young. Maybe at his early 30. After a short intro, we went to Alyssa's class. I saw her teach very good from the outside. I think, she will get a high score! I hope so. After he finished evaluate Alyssa, we asked him to eat lunch with us. But he said he want to have lunch outside, so yeah. He will be back at 12 pm for my session.

Alyssa being evaluated

While Alyssa being evaluated by Dr. Bannarak and Dr. Tim, I went to Ajarn Yasaeng class. She is a biology teacher for mathayom 4 (grade 10). Today she taught about microscope to the students, and she allowed me to help the students to operate the microscope. In Thailand, even the subject being taught by the teachers with Thai language, some part of the subject especially biology like microscope parts, cell parts, metabolism, and many more are still written in English. Unlike in Indonesia, we had translation from English to Indonesia for each term. In fact, they didn't have that here.

Matayhom 4 with Ajarn Yasaeng

The students were really excited to operate the microscope because ajarn said this is their first time to hold and operate one of the most important lab thing. 

"Teacher Nida, please take us a picture!" -- "Oke kha! 😊"

At the beginning, Ajarn Yasaeng told me that they will use student microscope. I thought that will be just the same with our student microscope in Indonesia and I am 100 wrong. Their definition of student microscope is a binocular, electric, and fashionable (ok, it's just my own term na haha). It's so much better than Indonesian students have. I bet that microscope is expensive. 

Thailand Student Microscope

Ajarn Yasaeng gave them 2 slides of ready-to-use specimens. Mostly plant specimens. At the first time, I saw the students really struggle to use the microscope, of course, today was their first time to use it. Since Ajarn Yasaeng couldn't come to each group at the same time, she asked me to help her and gave some directions to the students. They were very humble to listen my explanations.

Group 1 -- Khap phun kha na!

Exactly, this class will be over at 12.00 pm. But I remember, today was also my evaluation day. So I said to ajarn Yasaeng that I need to go earlier and can't join the class until finish. She said okay and she was pray and wish me luck for my evaluation. She is quite modern and fashionable. Before I leave, she asked me to take some pictures.

Ajarn Yasaeng and Future (Ajarn) Nida

12.00 pm. I asked my mentor to join Dr. Bannarak at the classroom and that was the longest 2 hours I've ever spent in my life! I don't know why, the class used to be so active and fun the last time I taught them, but today they were so quite and inactive. Maybe because that was a lunch time or what I don't know. I gave them lecture for the first hour and the second hour, I let them enjoy my game. It called Course Review Hooray! It supposed to be use in mathematics learning, but I want to give it a try to use it to teach biology. It was full of risk to be honest, since I used it for my final evaluation day. But Alhamdulillah, the students really into this game and the game went so well. The game itself, just like Bingo game. You just write number 1-16 randomly inside the boxes and put the answer based on the number of the questions that I said. Group with the most correct answer and most Bingo lines will be the winner.

Lecture Session

Lecture Session

As my mentor want me to give the student individual evaluation, then I gave them individual evaluation at the last session before the class end. It was a short news about Ta Pi river (the famous river in Surat Thani). To help the students, I also gave the vocabulary part (written in English - definition - and written in Thai). The students struggled to answer the question, so I walked around the class just in case the students can't answer or understand the question.

Students evaluation

Finally! The class is over. Since today will be my last day to teach them, then I said goodbye and apologize to them maybe during my class I did some mistake to them or else. Before I close the class, one student (exactly he is my fave male student after all) came in front and asked the microphone. I was confuse, what will he do tho? Turned out, he represented his friend to say thank you and sorry if they didn't well-behave or else.  Today, in that classroom, for the first time I felt really heart-touched. I felt sensitive hahaha about this farewell to my students. Ahhh, as the teacher (well I am not really a teacher yet) now I understand how's the feeling. Just imagine if you are their teacher for maybe 3 years or more and you have to send them away, to catch their dream.. to have better future. I can't imagine how sad that would be. Huhuhu... If any of my teachers read my blog, I just want to say sorry and thank you very much for everything you gave, you sacrifice for us. I love you!

Boat action 😎

To end the class, I asked the students, Dr. Salubsri, and Dr. Bannarak to took some pictures. Alyssa came to the class and she was helping me to take us the pictures. I will never ever forget this moment. I will cherish it for the rest of my life and I will proudly say that I used to be your teacher in Thailand for a while. For my favorite class, Mathayom 6/10, I just want to wish you all guys good luck for the O-National Examination Test (ONET, but I forgot what exactly the O stands for haha). Good luck in your university life. I will never say that uni-life will be easier than high school, but I hope God will give you all more strength to face the difficulties ahead. See you soon my students!

I will never forget you guys! πŸ’—πŸ’‹πŸ˜’

Since Alyssa and I finished our final evaluation (pardon me if sometimes I inconsistent using term "evaluation" or "examination". That's just the same) so we decided to have some celebration. We went to CentralPlaza. Kyla tbh will be evaluated by Mr. Batman tomorrow, but she already finished the preparation so she joined. First of all, Alyssa want to change her 20 dollar to some baht. We went to the bank, and turned out the procedures to change your money in the bank is so difficult. They asked for passport, phone number, address, and many more. Thank God I made my ATM card in Indonesia, so I don't have to change my money in the bank, just simply take my money from the machine. In Thailand, especially in Surat Thani, I think it's pretty usual to have many banks inside the Plaza. I've counted and found out there are 7 banks inside CentralPlaza. Whoa, in Indonesia especially in Banjarmasin, we could only find Bank's ATM Machine inside the mall. Hahaha.. If you want to store your money or do some things with the costumer service, you need to go to the bank office outside the mall. Well, I think with a lot of banks inside the Plaza, they will give the costumers a lot of benefit. For example, if you want to store your money and you want to do some groceries, just simply go to the Plaza and you could do both of them. You save some time and energy tho.

Teller inside the bank

After finished the things inside the bank, we went to food plaza. I had seafood. I forgot the name, but it taste good. It's kinda spicy but not really. Haha.. It was among 55 baht.

Rice with seafood something

We went back to the dorm really late, I think it was almost 10 or so. Mr. Batman told us that tomorrow we will have Farewell Dinner. Huaaa, I hate farewell things! Due to some problems, he said that there will be no performance or else. Just casual dinner. So we are not sure if we could wear our national costumes or no. Since most of must bring heavy national costume and it's kinda make us heart-broken if we are not wearing them tomorrow, so Alyssa, Kyla, and I decided to give it a try and have some fun! That was my very first time saw Filipino Natcos. It has a very big sleeve hahaha... But it's quite cute and unique and full of history at the same time. Theirs called as MarΓ­a Clara. It has been connected to the MarΓ­a Clara character because of her traits: delicate, feminine, self-assured and with a sense of identity. The MarΓ­a Clara outfit is the only Philippine national attire that is named after a literary figure.  

Selfie princess

And for my national costume, well it's not a national costume because our national costume is Kebaya and Batik (for daily or formal occasion) but mostly every province in Indonesia has their own traditional costume and this is one of many traditional costume from South Kalimantan. It's called Galuh Banjar. Galuh has several meaning. In Sanskrit it means diamond. But in South Kalimantan it means a girl that have not married yet (a.k.a virgin) and Banjar is our place name. SO basically, back then, this costume only allow to wear by a virgin girl. It's sacred people, haha. It has 4 different parts; skirt, blouse, veil, and accessories but since the accessories are really heavy and many, I didn't bring them to Thailand haha. If you guys lucky, I will wear it tomorrow and give you guys a whole picture of this costume okay, so stay tune!

Modernization at its finest πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

It's already 11.55 pm. I am exhausted and I think I wanna go to my bed now. So see you tomorrow in Farewell dinner (and maybe many more haha). Bye~